Stories are our greatest assets. They not only educate and entertain us, but also set us free by holding our hands and taking us to the world weaved through wonderful words of the author.

At Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales we salute the Spirit of Independence and look forward to each Child being FREE to read and write in this world. Free to choose. Free to celebrate each win, big or small. Free to express themselves. Free to make their mark in this world. Free to build their own future.

Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales is a small step to prepare them through chosen stories. Stories that educate and teach them important values and also provide great entertainment.

Each story is specially chosen by Radhika to ensure every child listening in is able to visualise and travel to the world of dreams created by the author's writing and Radhika's voice.

Celebrate this endeavour by helping us reach as many children as possible.


Everyone has the right to be free and feel independent!


An Audio Story Podcast with a huge collection of Fairytales, Folktales, Jataka Tales, Moral Stories, Indian Mythology, Panchatantra Stories, Arabian Nights, Global, Educational. English improvement, New Authors, Classics, Fables, Poetry & Verse, Biography, Non-Fiction and many more… Stories handpicked by Radhika for Children to boost creativity, impart knowledge, reduce screentime, impart moral values, illustrate good actions and people. Educative! Entertaining! Enjoyable!

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