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About Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales

Radhika is an army brat by birth and thanks to that had a fantastic childhood growing up in a colourful, exciting, patriotic and a very different world. Schooling across the country and growing up in a multi-cultural environment sure did explain the importance of appreciating all the colours in the rainbow of life. New beginnings every few years were fun and like an adventurous chapter straight out of a new story book . 


The love for reading stories started very early in life and continued in a new garden every few years, surrounded by flowers under the canopy of trees and in the company of her sisters, whichever part of the country they were in.  


Having read so many stories to her son years later, she now brings you some lovely stories that open up a whole new world of imagination & lessons for the young ones and takes them on a journey of dreams and learning, through her podcast - Radhika’s Sweet Pea Tales. 


Each story is carefully researched and selected in order to ensure that the children listening not only listen, but also learn and retain the various aspects of it. This helps the children develop their creative skills through visualisation and comprehension. Moreover a boon for parents, as this reduces the screen time of their children and helps increase bonding and family time! Moreover, the podcast encourages the listeners to pick up the very stories to read for themselves one day. As they say, “The Child who reads, will be an Adult who thinks”.


Books open up a whole new world for the children, enriching their lives forever. May we all keep listening, reading, living, loving & enriching our lives with wonderful stories & tales forever.                                            

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