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Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales is a story podcast for kids that features a collection of original and classic stories that are designed to educate, entertain, and inspire children. The podcast is hosted by Radhika and includes a variety of stories that are suitable for children of different ages and interests.


One of the unique features of Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales is the emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusivity. The stories draw from different cultures and traditions, and the host Radhika often incorporates music and language from around the world to add depth and texture to the storytelling.


In comparison to other story podcasts for kids, Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales stands out for its high-quality production values and engaging storytelling. The podcast features professional voice actors and original music, which helps to bring the stories to life and make them more enjoyable for children to listen to.

In terms of content, Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales offers a wide variety of stories that cover a range of topics and themes, from fables and fairy tales to stories about science, history, and nature. The podcast is also suitable for a broad age range, with stories that are appropriate for both younger and older children.

Another unique aspect of Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales is the focus on interactive storytelling. The host often asks questions and encourages children to participate in the storytelling process, which can help to keep them engaged and involved in the story.


Overall, Radhika's Sweet Pea Tales is a wonderful option for parents looking for a high-quality, engaging, and diverse story podcast for their children. With its emphasis on cultural diversity, high-quality production values, and engaging storytelling, it offers a unique and enriching experience for children of all ages.

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Our Stories are selected from the World over for a Global Audience
Our categories include:

Fairy Tales / Mythological / Classics / World Stories / Panchatantra Tales / Jataka Tales / Arabian Nights Stories / Jungle Stories / Animal Stories / Bedtime Stories / Elf Stories / Brothers Grimm Stories / Enid Blyton Stories / Noddy Stories / Ganesha Stories / Krishna Stories / Ruskin Bond Stories / New Author Stories . Modern Stories / Little Red Riding Hood / Alice in Wonderland / Grandma Stories / Elephant Stories / Educative Stories / Moral Stories / Informative Stories / Audio Stories / Stories for Kids / Stories for Children / Engaging Stories / Creative / Innovative / Intuitive / Exploratory  

Our Complete list of stories:

Story No. 183: O Bother! Someone's messy!

Story No. 182: A Color of his own - By Leo Lionni

Story No. 181: Hurry Feelings. By Helen Lester

Story No. 180: BAMBI

Story No. 179: Ganesha’s Wisdom - Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

Story No. 178: A Bear at the Circus

Story No. 177: Making friends is an Art - By Julia Cook

Story No. 176: Fairy and the lost Wings - Br. Dr. MC

Story No. 175: Trunk Trouble!

Story No. 174: Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth - By Sanjay Patel and Emily Haynes

Story No. 173: Curious George at the Aquarium - Margret and H. A. Rey’s 

Story No. 172: Baby turtle searches for the Sun - By Dr. MC

Story No. 171: The Cow who jumped over the Moon

Story No. 170: It’s okay to be a Unicorn - By Jason Tharp

Story No. 169: Alice in Wonderland - By Lewis Carroll. A Classic

Story No. 168: Monkey needs to listen!

Story No. 167: Granny casts a Spell!

Story No. 166: Wanda’s Roses - By Pat Brisson

Story No. 165: It was only a little thing - By Enid Blyton

Story No. 164: Tom Thumb

Story No. 163: Teddy Bear Tears

Story No. 162: You’re not my Best Friend

Story No. 161: The Princess who never smiled

Story No. 160: How Tiger got his Stripes

Story No. 159: Town mouse and Country mouse

Story No. 158: You are all my Favorites

Story No. 157: She wouldn’t believe it

Story No. 156: Gabby Abby

Story No. 155: Wolf and the 7 Kids

Story No. 154: Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

Story No. 153: The Elephant who cried Mouse

Story No. 152: Santa’s Day Off

Story No. 151: Noddy meets Father Christmas - Part 3

Story No. 150: Noddy meets Father Christmas - Part 2

Story No. 149: Noddy meets Father Christmas - Part 1

Story No. 148: One Snowy Night

Story No. 147: The story of Ferdinand

Story No. 146: Kindness is my Super Power

Story No. 145: Box of Colours

Story No. 144: Do you wonder how the Lady Bug got it’s name

Story No. 143: The Princess and the Pea

Story No. 142: The Apple Tree and the Farmer

Story No. 141: Think hard Boatman

Story No. 140: When Santo lost his Ho! Ho! Ho!

Story No. 139: Freddie the Frog

Story No. 138: Such a Pickle

Story No. 137: The sad little Cloud

Story No. 136: The tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle

Story No. 135: How do you say Goodnight!

Story No. 134: Lazy Lenny

Story No. 133: Ronald the rude Rhinoceros

Story No. 132: Thumblina

Story No. 131: The Angry little Dinosaur

Story No. 130: Noddy goes to Toyland - Part 4

Story No. 129: Boots and his Brothers

Story No. 128: The Talkative Tortoise

Story No. 127: Noddy goes to Toyland - Part 3

Story No. 126: The frightened Lion

Story No. 125: Ali and the Merchant of Baghdad

Story No. 124: Noddy goes to Toyland - Part 2

Story No. 123: Nibbling Neighbours

Story No. 122: Rapunzel - A Fairy Tale

Story No. 121: The Photographic Elephant

Story No. 120: Noddy goes to Toyland - Part 1

Story No. 119: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Story No. 118: Going to Nursery

Story No. 117: The Honest Woodcutter

Story No. 116: Gym Giraffe

Story No. 115: Mister Meddle and the Kangaroo

Story No. 114: The very cranky Bear

Story No. 113: Mountain on a Finger

Story No. 112: The Banana Robber

Story No. 111: Skipper’s new Pet

Story No. 110: The Hike

Story No. 109: Ostriches can’t fly

Story No. 108: The Fake Santa

Story No. 107: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree

Story No. 106:Rusty’s Big Day

Story No. 105: Beauty and the Beast

Story No. 104: Lucy and the Green Door

Story No. 103: Would somebody move that watermelon

Story No. 102: Micky’s present

Story No. 101: The Mighty Rabbit

Story No. 100: Sleeping Beauty

Story No. 99: The Rainy Day

Story No. 98: King Ferdinand’s fancy socks

Story No. 97: Musical Chairs

Story No. 96: The Wind and the Moon

Story No. 95: The Stone Soup

Story No. 94: The Girl who never made mistakes

Story No. 93: The Tale of Peter Rabbit 

Story No. 92: Work is Worship 

Story No. 91: Bears Ahoy!

Story No. 90: The Hare and the Tortoise

Story No. 89: Kind-hearted Tara

Story No. 88: The Fox and the crow

Story No. 87: She couldn’t tell the time

Story No. 86: The Rainbow Fish

Story No. 85: Rumpelstiltskin

Story No. 84: Hazel Squirrel learns a lesson

Story No. 83: On Safari!

Story No. 82: The Red Daffodil

Story No. 81: The Clumsy Fairy

Story No. 80: Gran’s MAgic Wardrobe

Story No. 79: I love you Daddy!

Story No. 78: The Tiger who came to Tea

Story No. 77: The Golden Goose

Story No. 76: The trouble with Finley

Story No. 75: Tale of Three Fishes

Story No. 74: Dumbo - A Tail tale

Story No. 73: The bird in the Golden Cage

Story No. 72: How the Polar Bear became

Story No. 71: Giraffe’s can’t dance

Story No. 70: The Frog Prince

Story No. 69: The Apple Dumpling

Story No. 68: The Elf and the shoemaker

Story No. 67: The not so colourful Butterfly

Story No. 66: The magic Porridge Pot

Story No. 65: Monkey Business!

Story No. 64: Sharon finds the environment

Story No. 63: How far is the River?

Story No. 62: Mommy always comes back to you

Story No. 61: Hansel and Gretel

Story No. 60: He lost his tail

Story No. 59: Ganesha’s wisdom

Story No. 58: Shy Suzy

Story No. 57: Weighing the Elephant

Story No. 56: The kind Scarecrow

Story No. 55: Penguin’s daydream

Story No.54: The Toys that ran away

Story No. 53: The Ugly Duckling

Story No. 52: The thin King and the FAT Cook

Story No. 51: Unity is Strength

Story No. 50: The Birthday Party

Story No. 49: The Proud Pumpkin

Story No. 48: The day the Crayons quit

Story No. 47:The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal

Story No. 46: Little Red Riding Hood

Story No. 45: The Ant and the Grasshopper

Story No. 44: True Friendship

Story No. 43: The Tooth Fairy

Story No. 42: A Donkey to market 

Story No. 41: Tortoise finds his home

Story No. 40: The little Digger

Story No. 39: Elves and the Shoemaker

Story No.38: The Wise Snowy Owl

Story No. 37: The Little Fir Tree

Story No. 36: Those Three Bears

Story No. 35: The Four Friends

Story No. 34: The King and the Drum

Story No.33: Kissable Kitten

Story No. 32: Pinocchio

Story No. 31: The little Dragon learns to fly

Story No. 30: Three Little Birds

Story No. 29: The Empty Pot

Story No.28: Lion and the Hare

Story No. 27: Little Ant’s BIG Plan

Story No. 26: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs

Story No. 25: The Stolen Smell

Story No. 24: The very hungry Caterpillar

Story No. 23: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Story No. 22: When the Trees walked - By Ruskin Bond 

Story No. 21: The Velveteen Rabbit

Story No. 20: The Loyal Camel

Story No. 19: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Story No. 18: Jack and the Beanstalk

Story No. 17: The Saggy Baggy Elephant

Story No. 16: The First Sunrise - A story from Australia

Story No. 15: How the Grinch stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss

Story No. 14: Monkey Trouble - Ruskin Bond

Story No. 13: Panchatantra Tales

Story No. 12: Cinderella

Story No. 11: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Story No. 10: Tiger my Friend - A Ruskin Bond Special

Story No. 9: A Special Tree - A Ruskin Bond Special

Story No. 8: The Little Red Hen

Story No. 7: Ginger the Giraffe

Story No. 6: The Proud Rose and the Saintly Cactus

Story No. 5: Monkey and a Crocodile

Story No. 4: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Story No. 3: Three little Pigs

Story No. 2: Mr. Wrinkles

Story No. 1: Hippi the Hippopotamus

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