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Story No. 139 - Freddie the Frog

There was once a frog called Freddie who lived in the top pond in the Webster’s garden. Freddie loved nothing more than hopping to other ponds to visit his friends and family.

Grandma and Grandad frog lived in the bottom pond and Freddie loved to hop across the garden as quickly as he could to visit them in their pond. They would tell him funny stories about when they were young frogs.

Freddie also loved to hop under the garden fence to see his friend Felix the frog who lived in next door’s pond. Sometimes when he went to play with Felix, Florence and Finley would come to play too. They lived in the pond down the road from Felix. They loved chasing dragonflies and playing hide and seek in the pond weed.

One day, Freddie woke up feeling excited about his day playing at Felix’s pond, but when he hopped onto his lily pad for breakfast the grown-up frogs were looking very serious. They told Freddie that he couldn’t go to play in Felix’s pond or his Grandparents’ pond for a while. This was because a germ had got onto some pondweed in a pond far away and it had made some frogs poorly. When some other frogs had been to visit other ponds, the germ had spread and made more frogs poorly. All the frogs had decided that they needed to stop visiting other ponds so that the germ wouldn’t spread.

Freddie went to sit in the corner of his pond, he felt very sad. He loved going to visit other ponds. He had been so excited to go to play hide and seek with Felix, and would miss going to his grandparents’ pond to listen to their stories. He wasn’t sure what he would do all day in his own pond.

After a while, Freddie saw a dragonfly. The dragonfly told Freddie that all the frogs who were staying in their own pond were helping to stop the spread of the germ. The dragonfly explained that if they stay in their own ponds for a while longer the germs will stop spreading and they will be able to play again.

Freddie thought to himself and realised that he was doing a very important job by staying in his own pond. He decided to have a look round his pond to see if there was anything he could do. He swam under the water and found some buried treasure to play with and made an obstacle course using lily pads and pondweed. He didn’t realise he could have so much fun in his own pond. His little brother and sister saw how much fun Freddie was having and joined in. Freddie’s mum was so pleased that Freddie had found some things to do in his own pond and was even making his brothers and sisters happy.

That night Freddie was exhausted, he looked forward to the day when he could show Felix and his Grandparents his new games. However he knew that he was being a responsible frog and helping to look after all the other ponds by staying in his own.

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